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CPF Entrepreneur helps countless types of clients who have only one thing in common for sure: winning. If you have an idea, no matter how crazy it sounds to your friends and family, co-workers, partners, employers; don't give up. We are here to help. We have helped launch multi-million dollars businesses, why not you?

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Each expert working with us is him/herself an entrepreneur. We combine experts in diverse areas completing one another to provide an extremely detailed personalized service to each client.

Complete transparency

We work hand in hand with each client to provide you with the satisfaction of participating in your own project as well. We do not wish to let you feel left out, and that's why we have developed our Portal.

Completely trustable

We do not make any transaction on your behalf, we do not ask access to your funds, we only will advise you on how to move them for your project and will go with what you decide. You are in complete control!

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Fields of expertise

We offer Financial, Commercial, HR, Fiscal, Strategic,
and Organizational consultations for each of these following categories:

Importation & Exportation

Distribution & Logistics

HORECA Strategy & Organization

Educational Services

Tech Industry

Agriculture & Viticulture

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Know the founders

  • Alan Burak

  • MBA

  • Finance & Investments
  • Fundraising expert
  • Business strategist
  • Damien Soitout

  • PhD

  • Business Analyst
  • Comercial Strategist
  • Management Expert

We help with all

kinds of projects

Ideas to become businesses

Getting you started

  • Analysis/preparation of a business plan based on your idea(s)
  • Analysis/Creation of a financial plan
  • Help seeking funding and/or submitting a project to a bank/investor
  • Establishment of the launch strategy
  • Elaboration/implementation of a personalized management system for your project and its growth
  • Monthly follow-up during the first year

Existing businesses

Help to grow and/or restructure

  • Global analysis of the business at the administrative, financial/accounting, operational, human, commercial levels
  • Identification of strengths/weaknesses at each level analyzed
  • Proposal of the changes to integrate the company to achieve the objectives of the company
  • Creation/implementation of a system, and/or internal processes customized for the management of your company
  • Monthly monitoring until the achievement of the objectives of your project

Businesses in Crisis

Help to put the company back on its feet

  • Identification of the problems through a global analysis of the business at the administrative, financial, accounting, operational, human, commercial...
  • Identification of strengths/weaknesses at each level analyzed
  • Proposal of the changes to integrate your company to save/stabilize the company
  • Creation/implementation of a system, and/or internal processes customized for your company and ensure that problems are not fixed
  • Monthly monitoring to safe and durable business stabilization

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frequently asked questions

The first hour is free, you can request it when contacting us. After that, the pricing will be designed according to your needs. We always give the fairest price possible to our clients by creating packages including only what is needed for the project to become a success.
In the case of needing only counsel, and not working on a project, the cost is 200USD per hour tax included.
The requirements are pretty basic: the project must fit into our areas of expertise, we only want to provide the best service possible and we are fortunate enough to be able to provide our consultations to up to 6 industries.
You will need to be over 18 years old, have a tax ID number, an ID, email, and a proof of address.
Many parameters are to be taken into account, we cannot commit to a timeframe without having at least the elements of the idea and a first analysis to tell you how fast we can have your project ready to launch. It is a case by case study.
Depending on the size of the project and on the client's liquidity, we can operate pretty much anywhere in the world. Travel costs will be added to the project's budget should the case require it.

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CPF Entrepreneur, is a consulting agency working as mentors, advisors, analysts and managers of your projects, goals and dreams. Our only objective is to make your dream become a reality, making you earn what you expect and beyond in the process.

  • World Trade Center, Piso 28, Oficina 16, NĂ¡poles, Mexico City, Mexico
  • (+52) 55 1107 0534

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