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Audits & Structuring

CPF Entrepreneur studies all your processes, internal and external, identifies your strengths and weaknesses and focuses on turning them into growth opportunities for your business.

Tech & Web

Technology is here to serve us. Not the other way around. Not only do we develop and secure new custom web applications, websites and CRM/ERP, we also audit your current system and provide updates that will streamline your daily processes and can be automated to save time.

Due Diligence & Growth

CPF has worked for over 15 years as a due diligence officer for its clients and has developed strategies to grow their business beyond their wildest goals with a customer satisfaction rate of over 99%.

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About CPF…

With more than 15 years of experience in the international market in more than 50 countries, CPF Entrepreneur has positioned itself as an expert group in a wide variety of fields from Finance, Trade, Resources and Human Capital, Cryptocurrencies, Development Strategies, Logistics, Internal Audit, Market Research and many more.
Constantly listening to you, we support you in all phases of your project by offering you a range of services with high added value, as well as access to a monitoring and communication system for complete transparency of the stages of the path towards your objectives. .
Our structure allows us a flexibility and adaptation difficult to find in traditional consulting groups, and our skills are recognized by our clients in more than 50 countries. Independent and transparent, we are at your service to meet your needs.


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In a few words…

We build solutions focused on growing your business. Whether it is a financial, commercial, logistical, technological (or other) issue, we will find the strategy adapted to your business in order to multiply your growth by at least a factor of 1.3.


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Let’s clear out a few things…

Many entrepreneurs think that consulting is reserved for large groups, that it costs a lot of money. We wanted to clarify a few points:

1. Consulting is accessible to everyone. CPF Entrepreneur designs quotes adapted to your needs. As projects are (usually) proportional to the size of your structure, there is no reason why you cannot afford it.

2. Consulting is not an expense. By choosing CPF Entrepreneur, you are making an investment. Indeed, CPF Entrepreneur has been recommended by certain Fortune 500 companies for having excelled with them.

3. Results do not depend on how much you spend, but on your commitment to your project. The more committed you are, the less time it will take; the faster you will see your growth.

4. We don’t just leave you feedback once the analysis are done. We support you in implementing the changes in order to guide you during the transition caused by them.

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