Your customer buys emotions, not your product


What type of phone do you have? What kind of car? Do you buy clothes and accessories from certain brands? WHY?

How to sell to my clients? For many entrepreneurs, the quality of their product / service, as well as their reputation seem to be the main factor to be able to get new clients. The reality is that these factors go beyond the rational, beyond the logical, and far from those fundamentals that most people may think. According to a study by the Nielsen Company, it has been estimated that 90% of decisions to buy a product or service are made subconsciously.

The logical question then would be: How can our subconscious make decisions? It’s simple: Need + Emotions.

According to an Entrepreneur article published in 2014, human beings have 6 basic needs that determine how we feel about ourselves, about others, and how we live our lives:

  • Certainty
  • Meaning/Importance
  • Variety
  • Love and connection
  • Growth
  • Contribution

Based on that, it has been proven that all the behaviors of a person, including when deciding to buy something, is a way of trying to fill one of that/those need(s). Read Are you a smart spender?

If your wife asks you to buy a $ 1,500 bag, that you bought a $ 75,000 car on credit or just a new $ 2,000 cell phone to replace the one you bought 10 months ago, each of those items you spent on were for what gave you importance.


And that doesn’t just apply to you or your wife, even buying expensive gifts for a third party can fill that excitement. It is subconscious to think that buying something expensive for someone will make you feel attention, appreciation, and sometimes even affection or love. In short, all that represents the same: Importance.

That need to show off doesn’t always mean wanting to feel on top of others. In many instances it means needing to teach others my own identity. In an era in which everyone is alike, buys the same cars, jackets, dresses, watches, house… for many it is important to differentiate ourselves and show that we are a little more unique than others. Why the most unique I feel, the most important I feel.

That is what you should look for in your client. What makes him “Click”? What is it that moves him? How can you make him feel important? If you can answer those 3 questions, not only did you turn “no” into “yes”, you will have a new customer. You will have a loyal customer who will continue to buy from you for years to come.

An example from 2017 was a Tweet by a Tesla customer Paul Frank:

“@Elonmusk can you guys program the car once in park to move back the seat and raise the steering wheel? Steering wheel is wearing.”

In 30 minutes Elon Musk replied that they were going to program it, and not only that: they were going to do it in less than 24 hours. And they did. This is the example of a company that knows how to make its clients feel important, unique, loved and safe. It is not difficult to know where this man will buy his next car.