Are your beliefs limiting you?

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A belief is a feeling that reassures you about the meaning of what you know or think. Create in your mind a kind of MAP, a path, which allows you to arrive where you want to go. Two problems with an individual’s beliefs are:

  1. Beliefs are a generalization of past experiences (good and bad).
  2. Beliefs are formed unconsciously and are very difficult to identify and change because once implemented they become part of your personality.

The problem with limiting beliefs: These are thoughts that can keep you from doing something you really want to do. It can mean losing business opportunities, building relationships with people, growing personally and, therefore, growing your projects/businesses.

Think about it for a second: did you have any projects that you never started or finished? Have you wondered why? It doesn’t matter what reasons you justify for accepting your failure or your lack of commitment to do so. The only real reason is that your limiting beliefs kept you from doing it.


There are 5 areas that can create these beliefs:

1- Events

The day you graduated, the death of your best friend or relative, the birth of your child, that deal that changed your life, a car accident, and even extreme situations like a terrorist attack. Events have a profound impact on our lives, causing us to form beliefs, often unconsciously, that affect our view of the whole world. Can you think of an event that impacted you positively or negatively?

2- Past results

We all create beliefs based on the results of past successes or failures. But past results are not equal to future results. It is important to gather certainty and trust based on successes, even small ones. Collect positive results in your memory to believe that you can achieve what you want to undertake. Focusing on bad experiences will train a mind limited by fear of past failures.

3- Environment

Free yourself from this story that everyone eats that you are a product of your environment. Oprah, Steve Jobs, Nelson Mandela did not come with a path that predestined them for great things in the world. But they decided that their surroundings didn’t dictate who they were or what they would believe. While circumstances can sometimes be difficult, each of you has the power to choose what you believe and think in order to become the captain of your destiny.

4- Knowledge

Knowledge is not power. Perhaps this is the potential power. Knowledge becomes power when applied. It can be a dynamic tool for breaking down the walls of limiting beliefs. Become a lifelong learner and never stop learning. Connect with people who know more than you. Closeness is real power! Do your best and learn from your experience, so you can create the beliefs that will force you to succeed.

5- Vision of the future

Just as past experiences affect your thoughts about what is possible, so does your imagined experience of the future. It is absolutely essential that you create an irresistible future. Have your own vision with a map of why no one else can do it for you. Set yourself up for success by taking a few minutes to visualize your success. Then make it compelling by writing down reasons why you should do it that way. Imagine how you will feel if this is your future. Finally, anchor it in your body, celebrate it daily, and build it into your routine until you make it!