For any type of new idea, project, doubt, problem, conflict and more.

CPF Entrepreneur and its team of experts offers you a list of services for all types of projects and issues that you may encounter in a company; or future business. From finance to business strategies, from human resources management to project design: we help you with what you need. Don’t stop looking for a solution to a stagnant sales problem, don’t despair because you can’t find a solution to a performance problem in your team, we take care of everything.



From theory to practice, we guide you in the development and management of projects. Creation of a structure with quantifiable and scalable results.



New talents, new customers, new markets. We connect you with the best contacts, and train your team to ensure quality positioning of your products and services to the right buyers anywhere you want.



A company has strengths as well as weaknesses. An internal audit has the particularity of opening the actors of your company to areas of opportunity by pinpointing the problems and offering a solution adapted to your needs.



Before proceeding with the acquisition of a company, land; before investing in an expansion or diversification project or any other reason for which you will incur significant costs, we perform Due Diligence to protect your investment.



Technology is constantly evolving and has opened up new opportunities that allow your business to grow and invest at lower cost and risk. Apply these new solutions to your structure.



A restructuring can concern your finances, human resources, sales department, marketing, or any department whose potential is not fully exploited, leaving room for new growth opportunities.



Senior Executive Mentoring has been developed to increase the effectiveness of your staff in key areas of their lives and careers to positively impact their professional performance within your structure.



We develop tailor-made seminars and conferences. With a system based on new generation psychological techniques, our results are recommended by many international groups.



Future Entrepreneurs

People who are looking to start a business but need support with the basics and fundamentals to start a successful project.

Companies with problems

Companies with minor and serious problems at all levels: commercial, treasury, financial, debt, organizational, administrative and more. We provide you with tailored solutions.

Stable Companies

You have a business generating sales, financial flows, but you want it to grow. We help you find the strengths and weaknesses to make you grow from 30% to 110% with our special method.

Hungry businesses

Your business is running the way you always wanted it to. Now you’re hungry for bigger ideas. We help you structure a national and international growth plan.


Business Partners & Experts


Successful Projects


Countries we have worked with


$USD of deals won for our clients


Cash Flow & Margins

Stabilize/Increase your level of cash flow as well as your net profit margin. We design and provide financial strategies for the economic health of your business.

Growth from 30%

Grow your business by 30% to 110%. “If you stop growing, you die.” our experts bring you sustainable growth solutions tailored to your business.

Transparency & Vision

Identify everything that is happening in your business. From your strengths to your weaknesses, work with experts to design solutions for every need in your project.

Innovative strategies

Implement innovative strategies to stay ahead of the competition, capture new market share and become an authority in your industry.


A unique commitment for long-term results

CPF Entrepreneur has worked with more than a thousand companies since the creation of the Group, and has founded and created more than 20. We have learned the importance of interacting with experts in each area of a company’s interest to avoid paying the “Dumb Tax”.
It refers to the cost generated by mistakes made in a business; anything that reduces your profit margin at the end of the year for hiring the wrong person, investing in a product that doesn’t match public demand, a marketing campaign that doesn’t work, a tax strategy that doesn’t provide the coverage you were hoping for…there are hundreds of examples where new and experienced entrepreneurs alike can make mistakes.

This is why CPF Entrepreneur exists. By bringing together experts from each area of interest of a company, we bring you the best service with the best solutions always designed for the customer according to his project, his problem or any other requirement.

It is difficult to accept help from a third party, especially when you think you can do things alone. This is why our approach is always based on your needs, desires and objectives, while providing tangible, realistic and personalized solutions.


Develop a project of restructuring, expansion, investment, creation or whatever you wish to accomplish. Our team develops a solution adapted to your vision.

Project management consists in creating a healthy environment in which the objective to be achieved can be fulfilled thanks to permanent control and the organization of a coherent work team that will know how to work together.
The three most important factors of project management are:

  • Time (the project must be delivered on time).
  • The cost (the allocated budget must be respected)
  • the scope of the project.

The Project Manager has a significant responsibility since he must direct, supervise and control the project from start to finish.
The typical stages of a project life cycle are as follows:

  • Definition
  • Initiation
  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Follow up and Control
  • Closing


Open up to new customers, new markets. An increase in your sales, your margins and your results for a positive growth from year to year; without having to recruit a new sales team.

CPF Entrepreneur has accumulated more than 10,000 business partners since 2008, and benefits its customers wishing to open up new markets. Our comprehensive process includes a series of complementary strategies to optimize business results:

  • Market study
  • Targeted prospecting
  • Contract negotiations
  • On/offline marketing development

It costs 10x more to sign a new customer than to maintain an existing account, so we are implementing a customer retention strategy with the aim of combining prospecting and order retention.

Our process implemented in countless companies around the globe has demonstrated that not only are business costs stabilized and even reduced compared to a traditional approach, but it has also positively impacted sales volume and net margins.


Find the source of problems that you sometimes don’t even know exist. Take stock of the development opportunities hitherto hidden in the potential of your structure.

Our work is based on interviews with all stakeholders, on the analysis of the operational and functional organization as well as on the information available.

At the end of our intervention, we present a detailed report, supported by the points raised and the associated recommendations which may concern, but are not limited to:

  • Re-evaluation of positions
  • Talent relocation
  • Process cancellation and restructuring
  • Adaptation of strategies whose potential is not 100% exploited
  • Redesign of key positions and talents
  • Financial management of your structure
  • Image of your company on/offline

Our strong experience and our successive missions within organizations of different sizes operating in various sectors of activity, allows us to have a wide range of references to advise you best on your own reorganization projects.

Our approach is adapted to your specific needs because each organization is different and the solution does not consist for us in applying schemes already in place in other companies.


Also called Due Diligence in the business world, an acquisition audit is based on verified “Cold Facts” which confirm the level of risk you take when acquiring a business, property, land. …or invest in a new area of diversification in your portfolio.

As part of your business acquisition projects, we organize targeted analyzes of risk areas and key components determining the value of the investment.
Our work is based on interviews with all stakeholders, on the analysis of the operational and functional organization as well as on accounting and financial information.

As far as building or cultivable property or land is concerned, we focus on areas of risk linked in particular to the climate, historical heritage, local/national regulations linked to your activity, and other key variables ensuring the sustainable and serene development of your long-term investment.

The world as it was has changed since 2020, more and more companies are looking to diversify their portfolio. Whether it is diversification of financial, real estate, commercial or other assets, we prepare an in-depth study of the risks and opportunities related to your decision, and guide you with a series of recommendations in order to give you the best overview at the time of decision making.

At the end of our intervention, we present a detailed report, supported by the points raised and the associated recommendations.


CPF Entrepreneur makes you take the lead against your competition by offering you Fintech solutions adapted to your activity in order to increase your performance in financial, timing, human, commercial terms and more.

The financial environment has evolved exponentially since 2016, and companies that do not adapt today will be the “Cautionary tales” of tomorrow. (Stories not to repeat)

Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, real-time payment solutions… These new technologies tend to be scary, but their potential has been demonstrated many times in the financial markets of all the world’s exchanges.

Applying certain features of these options not only opens you up to a new type of customer, but also a new speed of business. Indeed, SWIFT is a slow, laborious system, and debit/credit cards have their limits.

Discover how to overcome these obstacles through ingenious systems that will save you time and money.

And for the most skeptical, we offer you more traditional solutions linked to the traditional financial system, SWIFT in 12H for example, in order to always be one step ahead. Time is a commodity, not a limit. We invest it so you can earn it.


A company, a project, works like an engine. If all of these parts don’t work exactly as they’re supposed to, the engine stops working and fails.

We support you in the transition phases as part of the change or evolution of the function of general management or financial management.

We ensure the operational transition between two recruitments of senior executives and provide operational advice to the company’s stakeholders.

Our missions are also oriented towards the optimization and implementation of cross-functional group functions such as finance, marketing and other organizational support functions.

This work is part of the harmonization and adaptation of methods and procedures for all group entities.

We are committed to setting up an optimal organization by promoting internal resources and training our clients’ employees during our missions.


CPF Entrepreneur has offered its mentoring service to all types of profiles from SME executives to billionaires. Enjoy an unparalleled experience and make your key talents the missing pieces to the success of your vision.

Mentoring, often compared with “coaching”, is an in-depth exercise, with a commitment of several months on the part of the party receiving the service. We divide the process into optimized steps for the success of the experience and to take the recipient to a psychological, physiological and professional level never reached before.

  • One week of observation monitoring you 24/7 (Shadowing)
  • Observation report and development of a program
  • Implementation of the program to create a routine (1 month)
  • Follow-up of the evolution of the routine (3 months)
  • Corrections and optimizations (3 months)
  • Optional: in-depth follow-up (4 months)

The results obtained during our career with different types of clients confirm the quality of the service both professionally and personally for executives or businessmen/women who have decided to experience it.

We have worked with:

  • CEOs
  • Politicians
  • Athletes
  • Artists
  • Executive Employees
  • and many more.


We develop tailor-made seminars according to the needs of our customers. Our experience has led us to hold seminars of 1 to 7 days, from 50 to 7500 people, face-to-face as well as live on TV.

Having worked in the development of companies, finances, psychology of executives and CEOs, CPF Entrepreneur has created Seminars with great success in the USA and Latin America for clients such as Google, Santander, IBM and others.

Seminars are great tools for companies because they allow you to find the strengths and weaknesses of employees, managers and owners, press them hard and convert them into strengths that will be applicable in the structure of your company.

We are experts in seminars of:

  • Professional motivation & group cohesion
  • Personnal Growth
  • Finances and monetary strategies
  • Business development & strategies
  • Business Development
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Marketing

If you have a particular need that is not listed, do not hesitate to ask us.