CPF Entrepreneur, thanks to its relationship with the CPF Group and the experience of its founders, has had the privilege of working with start-ups up to large renowned international companies.

CPF Entrepreneur has a wide variety of fields of expertise that allow us to carry out the smallest to the largest projects. Whether they are in theoretical development on paper, or already launched, the projects we accept have the potential to become incredible successes.

We do not accept projects that seem beyond our competence, although we work diligently to always add new expertise to our portfolio.

Here you will find some examples of projects carried out and recommendations by some of our clients. We cannot share all of our experiences, but hope that you will find interest in your own business through these testimonials.

v+ ahorra+

Creation of a franchise for optician shops from branding, franchise cost calculation, creation of contracts, management systems and shop construction process.

In 2017 we wanted to create a franchise. An acquaintance recommended CPF Entrepreneur to me because they had helped them raise funds and establish a MAP to launch their project.

After the first meeting it was clear that we had knocked on the right door. We received 3 offers adapted to different budgets, we took the most complete. CPF Entrepreneur has developed for us:

  • Franchise contracts
  • General rules for franchisees
  • Shop interior design
  • Financial analysis for launch costs and franchise costs and percentages
  • Management system from the parent company to have a view of all the stores
  • System by shop linked to the main system
  • Marketing (Website, Logos, Complete Kits)

Undoubtedly one of the best possible services to launch a new project. And at a very good price.

Zury D., CEO

Skills involved

Analyse Financière 100%
Création de marque & image 100%
Marketing 90%
Élaboration légale 75%
Structure légale 55%

Skills involved

Étude de marché 100%
Analyse Financière 100%
Création de structure légale 90%
Obtention de permis légaux 75%

Between 2018 and 2019 we worked with CPF Entrepreneur with the aim of creating a leisure center in the USA. We have some in several Latin American countries but had not yet touched the American market because of the costs, licenses, permits, insurance etc…

CPF Entrepreneur did a market study for us to ensure an ideal geolocation for the type of business we carry out, as well as tax advantages to make our launch and operating costs more flexible. They worked with local lawyers to create a whole legal structure ready to use.

After 10 months of work, we inaugurated our first leisure center in the United States after more than 20 years of hesitating to do so.

Marcos F., CEO

grupo piccolo

Development of an international expansion project in the United States for a group already present on a large scale in Latin America

oxford university cpf entrepreneur

Management of international presence through the use of languages.

CPF Entrepreneur was not yet called that when we decided to hire them. We had a project to invite new talents from different countries and needed a company that could help us target the ideal profiles, in their languages.

The group had a translation company at the time, which allowed us not to worry about the use of certain expressions once the target markets were well targeted.

They have also formed a marketing team for online campaigns on social networks which now works independently by continuing to improve the results we want to achieve each year.

A great pleasure to have worked with such a professional team.

Admissions & Recruitment

Skills involved

Étude de marchés 100%
Création de campagnes marketing 95%
Formation d'équipes 70%

Skills involved

Analyse Financière 100%
Création de chaînes de production 100%
Formation d'équipes 100%
Gestion de chaînes de production 100%
Négociations avec gouvernements étrangers 100%

We have not worked directly as clients with CPF Entrepreneur, but have developed a joint project on which we have partnered in order to be able to benefit everyone at a lower cost.

When the COVID-19 started, the Group of which CPF Entrepreneur is a subsidiary had foreseen the pandemic and had started to produce masks and had invested enormously in materials and raw materials before their significant price inflation.

We decided to make their group the producer of masks for public establishments, and the surpluses were distributed at a lower cost to our partners in Europe, Latin America, USA and Canada.

In less than a month they had an operational factory that produced 260,000,000 masks in one year without increasing prices (which were sometimes up to 7 times higher at other producers)

We continue to develop new projects in the field of health, agriculture and energy with CPF Entrepreneur to this day.

Chancellery of Mexico

cpf entrepreneur

Industrial production solutions to counter the COVID-19 pandemic, supply Mexican public establishments and its partners in 20+ countries including the USA and the European Union.

cpf entrepreneur

Complete restructuring of the product purchasing department for Walmart stores on the American continent with a focus on Latin America, as well as a market opening in China.

Between 2010 and 2016 we had several cases of disputes between suppliers and buyers, and we had trouble pinpointing the problem.

CPF Entrepreneur intervened as an auditor of personnel and processes initially, and remained thanks to the quality of their ideas as to possible solutions according to certain legal and financial factors.

They also studied the talents of our teams, divided our processes into specific tasks that require certain specific talents, which meant that we restructured the positions, and placed the most competent people on each of them.

This intervention eradicated the problems that had been bothering us for almost 6 years.

Victor G., Executive Director

Skills involved

Audit interne du personnel 100%
Restructuration du service des achats 90%
Stratégie de compétences humaines 80%
Implémentation de mesures de sécurité 65%
Ouverture de marché (chine) 65%

Skills involved

Levée de fonds 100%
Étude de marché 90%
Structure commerciale 70%

Our company was founded by a group of ex-bankers who saw a market untouched by traditional credit cards. The popular sector. And for good reasons. It’s a risky market, and despite a round of investment from our associates to get the ball rolling, we needed a Series A round to accumulate as much capital as possible to make our project a success.

CPF Entrepreneur was recommended to us by a former colleague from the bank where I worked before launching Vexi. We hadn’t heard of them before, and didn’t know if they would be able to help us.

Within a week they prepared a solution for us to generate interest from investment groups. They already had people interested, but needed us to prove our potential in the market.

We won the XTC, Extreme Tech Challenge, which gave us a lot of opportunities. Thanks to CPF Entrepreneur, we raised $4 million, and our business is now one of the most widely used credit cards in our area, and continues to grow.

Roger H., Co-Founder

cpf entrepreneur

Raised $4 million for a credit card for limited resource areas in Latin America, with an in-depth study of targets and contests to enter to gain positive exposure.

cpf entrepreneur

Proposal for the sale of a classified historic area belonging to a private family, with a project for the relocation of natives, and obtaining government authorizations in order to develop a tourist project.

We heard about the CPF Entrepreneur Group in 2018 during a private event with partners and investors. We immediately found an interest in their services.

We had a tough case with a client that brought unprecedented challenges into play and we knew they could help us.

An area of the country was inhabited by natives, and classified as historical heritage despite being the private property of our client. Having developed a seaside resort development project, it was impossible for us to bring it to life.

CPF Entrepreneur has developed a dossier to relocate the inhabitants, obtain permits specifically for our project, and a strategy for changing the ownership of the area in order to facilitate the processes.

We could never have done it without them. Highly recommended!

Max A., Co-Founder

Skills involved

Négociations atypiques 100%
Offre de gouvernement 95%
Création de dossier de vente 80%
Obtention de permis exécutifs 65%

Skills involved

Résolution de conflits 100%
Étude psychologique 90%
Étude de talents 90%
Restructuration d'équipe 85%
Re-design de processus RH 80%

The culture of our company has always been that of the well-being of our employees so that in return they give the best of themselves during working hours. In the early 2010s we saw an increase in internal conflicts, and above all an escalation of the consequences following these problems.

CPF Entrepreneur has been asked to audit our staff, study current and past conflicts, with the aim of preventing future risks for our employees and our division.

Following their intervention, we have restructured our teams, set up certain attention cells for the needs of our employees, changed our recruitment structure. For the happiness of the whole team we learned from our past mistakes to improve our future.

Internal Relations Department

cpf entrepreneur

Following internal conflicts and risks of lawsuits, we intervened to restructure the service concerned, and implement a transition that will avoid reaching legal ends.

cpf entrepreneur

Team cohesion and personal development seminars to unearth the hidden talents who could become the future executives of the Alphabet group.

We called on CPF Entrepreneur in 2019 due to a slowdown in the performance of our teams, and a recurring complaint from management that employees were not seeing positive progress and applying for internal offers which would have given them more responsibility.

CPF Entrepreneur has created a 3-day seminar, complete, from 8am to 7pm without a break; very comprehensive and engaging. The reason was calculated of course, they wanted to exhaust the teams and be able to unearth the hidden talents, the most resilient, motivated, intelligent people etc…

It worked wonderfully, following the seminar attended by almost 150 people, the 40+ vacancies received at least 2 candidates within a week. We were able to recruit internally as planned, and the teams came out extremely motivated and with a manual of tools and exercises so as not to lose their level of motivation once the event was over.

Guliano C., Director

Skills involved

Séminaire personnalisé 100%
Étude psychologique 90%
Résolution de conflits 85%
Restructuration organisationnelle en faveur du personnel 60%

Skills involved

Analyse Marketing 90%
Campagne marketing (in/offline) 90%
Formation d'équipe 75%
Restructuration de catalogue 45%

We are the largest wholesale distributor on the continent, and despite our position we still face challenges in staying ahead of the competition.

CPF Entrepreneur was recruited to analyze our market and marketing campaigns because we observed a drop in membership renewals after the first expiration.

After an in-depth study with our teams, they found areas of opportunity that we were not exploiting 100%.

We converted the downward curve to a rising one in less than a year.

Maite D., Director

cpf entrepreneur

Image work on the Latino market in order to optimize sales of memberships and frequency of customer visits.

cpf entrepreneur

Independent advisor for the Jewish community in Mexico and helping them with their start-up projects, expansion, and training of young entrepreneurs. Only non-Jewish group allowed in the country’s community.

Between 2016 and 2020 we had the pleasure of having one of the founders of CPF Entrepreneur as a consultant for our 3 levels of community entrepreneurs. His first mission will remain the most incredible for me: A young woman who was 15 days from bankruptcy, with an associate from Canada who was about to sue her to free herself from the company’s debts and protect her interests. The first meeting she was in tears, and Damien remained very professional although empathetic and asked her for 2 days to analyze the situation and offer a solution that would get her out of all her problems.

We were all really skeptical but waited, and after two days he showed up with an investor who wanted to see the offices, processes, people, and financial statements to make up his mind. In less than 2 hours he offered to buy the shares of the Canadian partner, and add 35% to give financial flow to the company, and Damien presented a relocation plan to another area better suited to the type of business.

A year later the company was out of debt, with more than 150,000 usd in turnover.

One example among many others. I will always be grateful for this experience with CPF Entrepreneur.

Denise S., Project Director

Skills involved

Séminaires privés 100%
Analyse de projets 100%
Étude financière 100%
Design de MAP/Business Plan 100%
Levées de fonds pour start-ups 90%
Création de structures légales 90%
Conseils fiscaux 80%

Skills involved

Analyse Financière 90%
Design de nouveaux processus 85%
Formation d'équipe 50%
Restructuration d'équipe 30%

We worked with Damien S., one of the founders of CPF Entrepreneur, in 2008. Our IT department was very developed at the time but had costly human processes during interventions by external suppliers from several countries.

We had a large budget to cover operating costs, but the group needed to find a solution so that it could allocate some funds to other services in need.

Upon his arrival, Damien quickly identified areas of opportunity with the creation of secure and automated VPN tunnels to limit in-person visits from vendors. After having created a theoretical system, our team began to work on its development and then its application on our systems, which proved to be a great financial benefit, but also in terms of response time when solving urgent operations.

In 3 months we went from slow and expensive processes, to almost real-time intervention and for a fraction of what it cost us before. Today, we continue to use the same system.

Valéry, IT Security Director

cpf entrepreneur

IT solution to increase supplier response times and reduce the operational costs of external on-site interventions.