How do I increase my net margin? How to save money? How do I make my business earn more?

CPF Entrepreneur helps you through a series of articles, demonstrating the relationship of every successful person with money. In the end, it’s a relationship like any other. Take care of it and it will take care of you.

Learn how to manage your money, earn more, invest, and design strategies for financial growth.

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Money DOES buy happiness

THE QUESTION IS: HOW? Does money serve you? Does money make you happy? How do you use your money? Does money really buy happiness? All those questions are important. And if you don't know how to answer, that's fine. I have the answer for you.…

Manage a monthly budget

DEFINITION OF A BUDGET If you want to gain more control over your spending and start working toward your financial goals, you need a budget. A personal or family budget is a detailed summary of income and expenses expected for a defined…

How to take advantage of a recession to make money

Most people and businesses suffer the consequences of a recession, losing assets and money. Others are taking advantage of the recession to make money. As I always tell ourselves: this money has to go one way or the other. You don't lose it…