Ideas para atraer a los mejores empleados y mantenerlos

We are in 2022, it is time to modernize your relationship and treatment of your employees. They are not slaves of your company, they are important assets for your business, without them you have nothing. It’s easy to think “Well, if you don’t like working here, there are 200 candidates waiting their turn.” But that way of thinking no longer applies, today, if you realize, both suppliers and customers need trust, stability and security. A business with high staff turnover does not inspire confidence. So maybe there are many people who can replace X employee, but maybe you don’t want to think like that.


Ideas to attract the best employees to your company and keep them

1- Offer flexibility to your employees

If you ask my work teams about the type of contract they have, it’s very simple: you have goals, reach them and do what you want. For example: I don’t have a vacation limit like here in Mexico, the so-called 9-5 employees have 5 days a year, my employees don’t have a limit. The idea is very simple:

  • You have a goal X with a deadline Z
  • Reach it and you have vacation until date Z
  • BUT: if you want bonuses, reach X + Y and we’ll give you that much bonus – without a ceiling, the more you exceed your goal the more money you earn

Also, there are no schedules. Certain positions that require you to be in the office answering the phone have fixed hours, obviously, but all the others have the possibility of receiving calls transferred to your cell phone. You can work all week at home this way. Just show up to the meetings and that’s it.

2- Signing bonus

That can be very good if, like me, you hire people from the competition for important positions. Give the person a bonus of X amount of dollars for signing a contract with you. It works in 99% of cases. That kind of offer is hard for any potential employee to turn down.

3- Access to courses and seminars

Serious employees seek growth. They may not be entrepreneurs but they understand the importance of growing professionally, personally, and academically. If your offer includes a couple of courses and/or seminars each year to improve their knowledge and performance, you are offering them the possibility of moving up a level in your organization. It is an added value that only quality employees will appreciate.

4- Advantages with custom supports

Add to your offer a car, a cell phone, a company credit card, a computer… These types of products to help the employee are always very accepted and the candidates are usually very grateful.

5- High salaries

I recently spoke with some competitor CEOs in the Mexican wine industry for one of my companies, CPF Francia. We talked about various topics but one where they saw me with a silly face was when I told them how much my commercial directors and area managers pay. I pay about 30% above the national average. It turns out that what has taken them between 4 to 7 years to achieve how to enter certain hotel or store chains, has taken me less than a year with those employees. Because? Why don’t I just pay a salary, I buy a client letter from executives who had the same clients for over 15 years in the industry.

6- Regular bonuses

Why wait until the end of the year to receive a bonus? My offers always include a quarterly performance review by department. In this way we can evaluate which objectives have been achieved, exceeded, and give bonuses to the corresponding employees. There is nothing better than being paid for having managed to do more than what your boss asks of you.

7- Free time

The idea of paying bonuses, giving unlimited vacations, flexible hours etc… is very simple: more quality time with your family, your friends, with yourself. It is important to me that my employees feel comfortable, responsible, free and committed to my business, their family and their friends. Why a happy employee will always give me 10 times more results than 10 unhappy employees.


In short, there are a multitude of solutions to this issue. Make sure you hire the right people, get rid of those who don’t have a place without waiting and between a good work environment, flexible hours and additional benefits, your company will be unstoppable.